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        "Conventional medical approaches will continue to take a scientific approach in therapy, with the recommendations of medication to 'counter' the symptoms. One cannot fault medical professionals; they are prescribing what they have learnt. Individuals can make their own choices on how to address a problem; what is necessary, though, is to be in a position to make a prudent decision by learning about the various approaches available…Dr. Gilbere's books do just that."

        "Very few books are written on the subjects of chemically-induced immune system disorders with a personal and professional perspective. Dr. Gilbère has taken a bold step in providing a sound outline regarding disorders of such great relevance in our toxic times. I believe her books are invaluable assets to not only the affected individuals, but also every medical practitioner, both traditional and modern, to help them appreciate some of the rarely addressed medical issues facing healthcare in our industrialized world today."

                                -- Dr. Sylvester Yong, M.D., M.B.B.S., M.R.C.P.
                                   Member -- Royal College of Physicians (UK)
                                   President -- Holistic Health Society, Singapore