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To Consult With Dr. Gloria

To consult with Dr. Gloria, phone OR Skype, download new client forms and submit. Laboratory hair analysis included for every new client thru March 30th. $149 value. 


Dr. Gloria is globally renowned for identifying the causes, effects and non-drug solutions for chemically-induced immune system and inflammatory disorders, multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes and resolving disorders that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Russell Kolbo speaks out about Chemical Cuisine


If you’re tired of the barrage of health experts and their bewilderingly complex ever-changing advice for symptom-care, Chemical Cuisine: Do you REALLY know what you’re eating? will become your ‘go to’ book for eating healthy, getting and staying well.

            Chemical Cuisine is a compelling book designed for use in our busy lives; offering easy-to-read label-reading advice to assist the consumer and patient to know exactly what they’re consuming and provide safe healthy options.

            Taking care of your health is the mainstay of Dr. Gilbère’s mantra of Health thru Education – providing information that many times points to causes of your disorders that you may never have connected to legally hidden ingredients with tongue-twisting aliases for chemicals that we know are health depleting.

            Dr. Gilbère’s extensive experience and research provides us a clear message of how we must take charge of our own health – it’s a prescription worth filling!  Going beyond ‘quick fixes’ takes courage and discipline on your part; this book is packed with tools to virtually bring health and quality of life back into your life and that of your family.

                                    – Russell Kolbo, D.C., N.D.,         

President Emeritus, Int’l Association for  Colon Hydrotherapy

                        Professor, Bastyr University

 Co-Director, Mt. Rainier Clinic for Wholistic Rejuvenation, Gig Harbor, WA

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Dr. G has used this non-invasive method for 30 yrs. in her practice. She’s complied a NEW BOOKLET answering questions about how to cut sample and submit along with explaining the benefits of this test and scientific references. Download FREE. 


Post Graduate Certification Courses

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Testimonials - Lives Transformed

Lives transformed through Wholistic Rejuvenation.  Read the real life stories of patients who have changed their lives with Dr. Gloria's help


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Radio Shows with Dr. Gloria

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Dr. Gloria's recent LIVE Interviews

Dr. Gloria interviewed as an expert in identifying foods that "ignite" inflammation. to watch the video clip, 


Dr. Gloria interviewed by Lisa Barrett at the Get Healthy Telesummit


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Teleclasses & Teleseminars

  • 6-Wk TeleClass - Rejuvenation DETOX +

    Spring TeleClasses April - May on Sunday evenings 4:pm Pacific Time. See slider on this homepage for complete details and to register. Space limited Read More
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Upcoming Events

  • April 16 Gig Harbor 1/2 Day "Health thru Education" Event +

    Save the Date: Saturday, April 16, 2016 Half-day Presentation: "How DARE They Call it Food" Sponsored by: The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation Health Read More
  • 6-Wk TeleClass - Rejuvenation DETOX +

    Spring TeleClasses April - May on Sunday evenings 4:pm Pacific Time. See slider on this homepage for complete details and to register. Space limited Read More
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Other Health Books Recommended by Dr. Gloria

  • Coffee Dialysis - The Supreme Detoxification

    by Mark Buse, BSc, CT, CWR


  • Body Talk Never Lies...

    by Natalie K.Y. Davis, CMT., DC Ed. for details


  • Beyond PB & J

    by Larisa Gruer, RND, PhD


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